All Cytocell FISH probes products are CE marked

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 Aquarius Liquid Probes

The Aquarius range consists of directly labelled FISH probes in a liquid format.
supplied in hybridisation solution and either ready to use or need simple dilution with additional hybridisation solution supplied in the kit. DAPI counterstain included.
  Prenatal FAST FISH
NOR Probe ; Satellite Probes
SubTelomeres Probes
Whole Chromosome Painting Probes
Microdeletion Syndrome Probes
Haematology Probes
Pathology Range

 Chromoprobe Multiprobes Systems

The probes attached to the glass device dissolve back into solution once in contact with hybridisation buffer, whilst denaturation of the probes and target DNA occurs simultaneously under the device once heated. 


Chromoprobe Multiprobe-T

Chromoprobe Octochrome

Haematology Panels


The assay is supplied in a kit format of 2, 5 or 10 tests and includes hybridisation solution, counterstain, template slides, a hybridisation chamber, large glass coverslips and full instructions for use.

 FISH Reagents, and Instruments



Unit Size

DES1000L Counterstain DAPI ES 0,125 g/ml 1000 l
HA1000L Hybridisation Buffer A 1000 l
HB1000L Hybridisation Buffer B 1000 l


20 x SSC Buffer

100 ml


Slide Surface Thermometer

4 Units

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