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 Acro-P-Arm (Acrocentric chromosome p arms) :  NOR Probe

The NOR (Nucleolar Organizer Regions) probe is specific for acrocentric chromosome p arms (13, 14, 15, 21 and 22). The NOR’s show a high degree of variations in size.

NOR Cytocell

Fluorochrome Description Protocol
Red (Texas red filter) NOR probe

 Satellite Probes

Cytocell offers a complete range of Satellite probes available in the Aquariusliquid format. The probes are chromosome specific sequences generated from highly repeated human satellite DNA sequences located in the centromeric, pericentromeric or heterochromatic regions of each chromosome. They are available independently and directly labelled in either a red or green fluorophore (Texas Red or FITC spectra respectively).
The probes are produced in a concentrated form to allow the mixing, if required, of up to 3 other satellite probes in the same hybridisation.
The kits are supplied in an economical 5 test format and come complete with hybridisation solution and DAPI counterstain. The protocol is rapid and simple and follows a co-denaturation of the FISH probe and target DNA simultaneously. 
The probes are designed for use in fluorescence in situ hybridisation analysis of human metaphase chromosomes from cultured peripheral blood cells.

Fluorochrome Description Protocol
from LPE001 G/R
to LPE0Yq G/R
Green/Red (Texas red filter) α-satellite
or Satellite III

  Dual Labelled Satellite Probe Sets

We also offer two dual labelled X&Y probe sets, available as Aquarius directly labelled probes in a 10 test format. They may be used to identify X & Y human chromosomes in interphase cells and metaphases chromosomes.

Fluorochrome Description Protocol
Green/Red (Texas red filter) Xp11.1-q11.1 (DXZ1, green) and Yp11.1-q11.1 (DYZ3, red)
dual labelled X&Y probe sets

Green/Red (filtre Texas red) Xp11.1-q11.1 (DXZ1, green) and Yq12 (DYZ1, red)
dual labelled X&Y probe sets

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