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Cytocell offers a complete set of liquid subtelomere specific probes identifying 41 of the 46 human subtelomeres with the exclusion of the p-arm telomeres of the acrocentric chromosomes. The probes are available independently and directly labelled in either a red or a green fluorophore (Texas Red or FITC spectra respectively).

The probes have been chosen from the most distal unique sequence to provide the best possible chromosome specificity whilst also being the most subtelomeric probes available that are capable of being used routinely to examine subtelomere enumeration and integrity.

The probes are produced in an economical 5 test format and are concentrated to allow the mixing, if required, of up to 3 Aquarius subtelomere specific probes in the same hybridisation.

The probe mixtures are designed for fluorescence in situ hybridisation of interphase cells and metaphase chromosomes from cultured peripheral blood cells.

Telomere Probe
from LPT01P R/G to LPTXYQ R/G
Red (Texas red filter)/Green
from 1p to XqYq Telomere

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The Chromoprobe Multiprobe-T System combines Cytocell’s Chromoprobe Multiprobe technology with a complete set of subtelomere probes to allow the simultaneous analysis of all subtelomeric regions of every chromosome on one slide in one hybridisation. It consist of a Multiprobe glass device with 24 squares, each one carrying the subtelomere specific probes for both the p-arm and the q-arm of one of the 23 chromosomes reversibly labelled in a red fluorophore (Texas Red spectrum).

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